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Catering Equipment Solutions London 


We  can take care of your commercial kitchen by our Catering Equipment Engineers and our custom-designed servicing and maintenance packages.


Our team of qualified commercial catering equipment engineers, who are F gas and Gas safe engineers with  over 25 years experience providing:

- Repairs

- Preventative catering equipment servicing and maintenance

- Equipment installations and design.


We aim at providing solutions that suit your needs along with great value, and with impressive response times

Our maintenance packages are designed for affordability and taking care of your equipment in a cost-effective plan.

NTS in conjunction with their reputable business partners will design and install all your busy kitchen equipment taking into account health and safety regulations.

We have the capability to work on all size projects. From ovens to dishwashers, fryers, and freezers working directly with manufacturers we are able to meet all your needs.

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