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Maintenance Packages for all air conditioning, refrigeration and catering equipment

Protect Your Investment with Proper Maintenance

If this is of interest and you feel you can benefit, please call us or send us a email with the number of appliances and we can send you an approx quote and hopefully we can assist.


For more information about our Maintenance Contracts, please click the PDF Icon - 

Careful preventative maintenance work on refrigeration systems is a MUST.

Avoid  potential problems down the line and save on repair bills.

It is recommned at least yearly maintenace checks but if you are busy kitchen or use your equipment regularly you need twice yearly.


Expert Maintenance for Your Refrigeration Needs

Our Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Services team at NTS Cooling is dedicated to providing our customers with the best-in-class service. Our highly trained professionals work hard to ensure your appliances are functioning as they should be. We offer routine check-ups to ensure your products always stay fresh.

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