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“Seller, Us, We” means Narang Technical Services Ltd- registered in England CO REG NO: 04469352“ trading as NTS COOLING & NTS PROPERTY REFURBSIHMENT.
Buyer, Customer, You” means the part dealing with the Seller.
“Goods, Items, Item” means the goods which the Seller is to sell in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
“Writing, Written” includes facsimile transmissions and writing on the screen of the visual display unit “Terms and Conditions” means the standard terms and conditions of sale set out in this document.


All work carried out is covered by a 30 day labour guarantee,  for repairs however this guarantee is only is applicable if it is on a new part fitted e.g compressor fitted but compressor fails to work after 30 days then we will supply and fit again free of charge.
30 day labour does not qualify is there has been misuse, neglectful, misapplication, fair wear and tear or if  the system is old.
If a part is fitted but does not solve the issue then we will not charge again if the fault has occurred again with the new part just installed. If a part is installed and the problem still occurs and is not related to a previous first with the equipment then this will be chargeable, as  it is a new fault that could not have been detected at the time when the first diagnosis took place.
If we have carried out a minor  repair or a leak repair on a  system, or  just charged the system  with refrigerant, then the  the 30 day guarantee does not apply, as it is impossible to give guarantee on a system that  has problems internally or is very old. Finding leaks in old systems and repairing is not advisable.

All other work carried out is covered by a  12 month guarantee but that depends on the work; this will be highlighted on the quote given.

If customer requires the supply and installation of air conditioning units, we will advise where is the best place to install the units, but we do not carry out checks with councils or any other governing body if installation is allowed on outside walls etc; this responsibility is the customers  role to carry out due diligence as you would if you were carrying out an extension.

All new parts supplied are inclusive of commercial warranty which is 1 year parts manufacturers guarantee, but excludes if fault is caused by accident, neglect, misuse by customer

Payments: On completion of work, however deposits are taken where necessary
Account customers pay within 30 days providing they are within the credit limit.
Payment is strictly 30 days from date of invoice.
We take payment in UK STERLING AND CHARGE 20% VAT.
Queries on Invoices:  Queries on any invoices must sent  in writing within 7 working days by the customer. Invoices which have been paid, cannot be at a later  date be opened for any discussion regarding charges.
New Equipment Supplied

All new equipment supplied  do not always include Labour warranty. IF LABOUR WARRANTY IS REQUIRED PLEASE ASK FOR PRICE this is available. If Labour warranty is given, the warranty will become invalid if faults to the product are caused by accident, neglect, misuse or error in installation, or if not installed by approved contractor, or not installed by manufacturers specification.
It is the customers responsibility before purchase, to verify that the price quoted is parts only warranty or parts and labour warranty. The manufacturers are giving you the customer the choice of which warranty you require, and the invoice or quote will state the warranty you requested.

Most of our manufacturers operate direct product support, repairs & returns procedures, the Buyer accepts an obligation to process their claim directly through the manufacturer. It is at the manufacturers discretion if they wish to repair the goods only if faulty, or send a replacement.
prices are in UK Sterling and are exclusive of United Kingdom Value Added Tax at 20% and delivery charges will be made on SOME ITEMS. Price does not include installation or connection charge.
Any quotation or published price is subject to alteration or withdrawal without prior notice as a result of fluctuation in exchange rates, increase in supplier's prices, error in published price or other costs beyond our control. Statement of price or a quotation does not constitute an offer. We will inform you of the correct price where the right to cancellation can be exercised.
Payment by credit/debit card or cheque will require clearance prior to delivery. All card payments are subject to security checks before any goods are dispatched. If the issuing bank of your card does not for any reason authorise payment from that account, the order may be delayed or cancelled. charge will be made for using credit cards, there will be no charge on debit cards

All goods carry a delivery charge and you will be quoted before we take payment
Title to the goods will remain with NTS until full payment is received
In the event of a product being faulty when delivered simply call our customer service department on 0208 8323730 and we will arrange for the faulty item to be collected and a replacement item to be dispatched if the manufacturers feel this is the right course of action. Faulty items may be inspected on by one of our appointed qualified engineers before any action is taken. You must not send back the item before consulting us
We advise that you should keep all packaging for a minimum seven days from receipt of the item(s) as should a fault develop during this period you will need the packaging for returning the item. The onus is on yourself to ensure that any returned item(s) is suitably packed. Packing an item(s) in packaging not designed for the item(s) can result in damage to the item(s) for which we would need to make a charge, once we have assessed the damage.
Should a product develop a fault during its guarantee period, the item will be repaired free of charge if you have taken Labour and parts warranty during the guarantee period. If parts only warranty only taken the customer will have to pay the Labour charges for investigating fault and fitting of new parts if this is the case.
Faults have occurred due to neglect, misuse of the equipment, misapplication the manufacturers warranty will become invalid and the customer will have to pay for the costs for the damaged or faulty equipment to rectify the fault
If customer has been asked to return faulty goods but no fault has been found you will be charged if no fault is found with your product
Our Cancellation Policy comes under the terms of a Code of Practice covered and detailed by a European Directive on Distance Selling which is incorporated into UK law by the Consumer Protection (Distance Sellling) Regulations 2000.
On return of the item(s) you will be entitled to a refund of the original cost of the item(s) less our original shipping costs of the item(s) plus a restocking charge of 25%.
If goods are not returned in their original packing or any tampering has taken place the manufacturers will charge delivery costs re stocking charge and downgrading charge of the item as the goods will not be able to be sold again as brand new.
Refunds will be made within 30 days
We reserve the right not to refund the full amount to your credit card on the return of the item(s) should it be judged that the item(s) are not in a re-saleable condition, item(s) have been used, the packaging is not the original packaging or part of the packaging is damaged or missing or the item(s) are damaged.
Should you wish to cancel an order once the item has left the manufacturers, or order has been processed but has yet to arrive with yourself, and providing it is within the delivery schedule period, then we can arrange this but we reserve the right to charge for the 'aborted' delivery ie cancellation charges. This amount would be dependent on the item and the amount we get charged by the carrier(s). Manufacturers will also also charge cancellation and restocking charges the minimum is 5% to 20%
All monies entitled to be refunded will be credited once the item(s) has been received by the manufacturers
Please note deposits made by the customer for reserving goods are non-refundable

In the event of a product being damaged when delivered please contact us
Visible damage (i.e. after removal of all packaging) must be marked accordingly on delivery/acceptance notes and reported by telephone within 24 hours and confirmed in writing within 72 hours. Please do not use the item if you wish to make a claim for damage
We will arrange for a replacement item(s) to be dispatched and the damaged item(s) collected. The damaged item(s) must be packed in the original packaging where possible or in suitable packaging to minimise further damage to the item(s) during transit.
We reserve the right to charge an amount to your credit card on the return of the damaged item(s) should it be judged that the item was damaged after delivery (i.e when attempting to un-pack the item).
Missing' Itemsn the un-likely event that any accessory is missing from your order, please contact our Customer Service Department. No liability will be accepted for missing items after three working days from receipt of your order.
Though we constantly strive to provide accurate and current information on this website, NTS LTD will not be responsible for errors/omissions in product descriptions or the Buyer's interpretation of those descriptions. Full specifications are available from the manufacturers brochures and/or websites. Please contact us for their details.
We make no representations about the fitness for a particular purpose of any of the products, we can advise only.
Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to stated delivery dates, such dates are estimates only and NTS cannot be liable for any losses incurred caused by delay in delivery.
It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that adequate access is made to the property in order for delivery to take place and that they or an authorised person are present to receive the delivery.
This procedure must be carried out even if someone has been appointed to take delivery on your behalf. Having received the goods any subsequent loss or damage to goods will be at your own risk.
Once delivery has been taken and the equipment has been unpacked and used, the equipment cannot be returned if their is no fault, it is then at the discretion of the manufacturers if they will allow you to return the item once used.
If delivery has been taken and the item has not been unpacked, please call us and we will ask the manufacturers to collect the equipment, or they may ask you to return the product at your expense, you will also be charged for restocking the item.
We reserve the right to show pictures of installations and other work on our web site, but will be careful that no personal information is shown

his contract is and shall be deemed to have been made in England and shall in all respects be governed by English Law

Privacy Policy NTS do not disclose buyers' information to third parties other than when order details are processed as part of the order fulfilment. In this case, the third party will not disclose any of the details to any other third party.

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