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Looking for a air conditioning company near me?

Google and social media sites are overwhelmed with air conditioning companies in London. Customers face a huge problem? who do they choose and what should they be really looking for in a air conditioning company?

Here is a list which hopefully will help you

10 points that you will find useful when choosing a air conditioning across London

  1. How long has the air conditioning company been operating? A company that has been established for more than 10 years ensure they have a good customer database and will be able to provide you with real references.

  2. Does the air company install the air conditioning units or are they using outside contractors, which means when things go wrong, the company that you placed the order with is not really in control, and will be chasing the sub contractors to come back out to you.

  3. Are the air conditioning engineers fully qualified and registered with F gas a legal requirement?

  4. Has the air company in London for example explained to you the heating and cooling capacity they are offering and are you satisfied that is what you need.?

  5. The air conditioning system offered to you by the air conditioning company, are they using a reputable brand? Why a reputable brand is needed? In future parts need to be ready available in the UK. Don't just go by the cheapest system; in the short term you may save some money but in the long run you will find that you will have to replace the whole unit or have problems obtaining the parts so not a money saving option.

  6. Before the air conditioning installation is carried out, have you checked that they have public products liability in place? Do check as air conditioning systems require drilling into walls and damages can occur, so do not be left with chasing a company who has no insurance in place.

  7. Does the air company that you have chosen offer a maintenance contract to ensure your air conditioning units will every year run effectively, and efficiently?

  8. Have you been advised on the terms and conditions of the air conditioning installation warranty?

  9. Have you been advised on the response time if the air conditioning unit breaks down in the first year?

  10. Are you completely satisfied with the answers given to your questions? If so enjoy the comforts of heating and cooling- HAPPY DAYS!

Please call us for more advice and tips on air conditioning installations and systems, or email us and we will provide you with our expert knowledge

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