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Air Conditioning Services
Air Conditioing Installtion London
commercial air conditioning London

Air Conditioning Installations London. The air conditioning engineers offering : Supply, Installation, Repair and Service/Maintenance for all air conditioning systems.
Commercial, Industrial and Domestic


Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

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Home Air Conditioning
0% vat on home air conditioning installation

Air-conditioning is that process used to create and maintain certain temperature, relative humidity and air purity conditions in indoor spaces. This process is typically applied to maintain a level of personal comfort. When installing air conditioning, think of the area, where it should be installed, value for money, warranty and the manufacturers warranty

NTS air conditioning engineers cover the areas of London and surrounding counties. We have air  conditioning  engineers across London and surrounding counties to offer our valuable customers, cost effective solutions for their needs. We offer stress free air conditioning installations, and after install we will look after your equipment by offering maintenance air conditioning packages, that are affordable and effective to keep your equipment running for its full life.
With a 7 day service our air conditioning team provide excellent support and guarantee on all work.

We will provide installations, service and repair to all your air conditioning equipment.

We can provide free site surveys and quotations for all air conditioning makes and models.

NTS will advise the best place to
install the air conditioning units but please check with your local authority if planning permission needed

We can supply and install all leading brands: Fujitsu, Dailkin, Mitsubushi, Toshiba etc
Our qualified air conditioning engineers will provide excellent cost effective solutions for commercial air conditioning installations and for home air conditioning systems across London

What air conditioning services across London do we offer?
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What air conditioning systems do we offer?

  • VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume)

  • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow)

  • Wall/Floor Mounted

  • Cassette Units

  • Ducted Systems

  • Split Systems

  • Multi-Split Systems

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We are air conditioning installation 
specialists  across London

Air Conditioning installation to Air Conditioning  Systems you have purchased.

- Supply and install a brand new air conditioning system

- Repairs to existing air conditioning systems
- Upgrade or additional air conditioning systems

​- Wall mounted or ceiling cassettes.

-Energy saving solutions taking into account the environment.
- Portable Air conditioning systems.


MAINTENACE- NTS are highly skilled  in the maintenance and service of all leading air conditioning brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fujitsu, etc more.
We recommend regular maintenance of your air conditioning system at least one year or better still every 6 months, to ensure  that your system remains reliable and energy efficient and continues to works for years.

Air conditioning heat pumps london

Environment Friendly Solutions:
A heat pump is an electrical  device that extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another. Heat pumps are a highly efficient way to heat buildings. They draw in heat from the environment and use electricity to raise the temperature to a suitable level for space heating and hot water. Typically for each kWh of electricity consumed, 2.5-4kWh heat is supplied. Heat pumps deliver lower temperatures than boilers, so they work well with underfloor heating in new buildings or radiators with a larger surface area.

Air-source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, operating like fridges in reverse. These heat pumps in a residential setting can save more than 2 tonnes of carbon per year, contributing up to 20% less CO2e than gas boilers and up to 70% less than electric systems.
Heat pumps offer a modern, low-carbon solution to provide space heating and domestic hot water. 

Air Conditioning Installation in homes


Air Conditioning installation at Battersea Barge South West London


Air Conditioning repairs in yacht

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Looking for 'air conditioning services near me'? then call us today. Tele; 0333 772 1992

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